Bus Driver

Get a real-life feel for driving a virtual bus


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  • License Trial version
  • Version 1.5a_
  • Size 65.14 MB
  • Works under Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98
  • Language English
  • Program by Scssoft

It’s a Driving Game, But Not as We Know It

Bus Driver puts a whole new spin on the classic driving game theme. Instead of zipping around a racing circuit and trying to beat other cars to the finish line, players are put in charge of a bus with a strict schedule to keep. Find out if this twist adds extra fun or is simply dull by reading on.

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a rough ride. No wait, that’s the format of regular racing games. The emphasis in Bus Driver is driving smoothly and safely while still making your way through the traffic to get to your destination on time. This may seem rather more like life than a game, although it does measure up to the style of a simulation game.

Before long, you are sure to appreciate your local bus driver like never before as you transport a bus full of screaming kids around the city while trying to navigate the heavy traffic. If this seems like your dream job, then Bus Driver is the game you have been waiting for and will provide with hours of practice before you are ready to tackle the situation in real life.

Fortunately, the game graphics are well rendered and provide gamers with something pretty to look at as they try to fight the tedium of the game. Gamers are given lots of different routes to drive their bus along and each of the streets comes complete with detailed buildings and cars that help to provide a colourful backdrop to the game. There are thirty different routes in all and these routes have been arranged into five different difficulty levels. Most gamers will find reaching the next level fairly easy, although it does provide a certain sense of satisfaction.

To break things up a little, the various times of day have their own effects to make things more realistic. Gamers will also be presented with a wide range of different weather conditions and while driving in the sunshine is pretty much smooth sailing, driving through heavy snow will affect the performance of the bus as well as making the game feel more festive.

The sound effects help to add an extra dose of realism to the game and everything fro, braking sounds to turning signals are represented. Players are even given a round of applause after completing each mission. This can be rather cute at first, but quickly becomes annoying and even feels a bit patronising.

Players will get the chance to drive several different kinds of buses during the game including school buses, tour buses and double decker buses. By the time you are done with the game you will certainly be a lot more familiar with the kinds of buses out there and the thankless role of the bus driver. Strangely, however, all of the different types of buses drive in a very similar way, with the only main difference being visual.

While it is certainly true that Bus Driver provides a change of pace from the violence and fast pace of many other games, these elements have proven to be very popular among generations of gamers. Whether or not you find Bus Driver strangely engaging or simply a snoozefest will depend largely on your gaming style and preferences.


  • A very accurate simulation
  • The controls are simple and easy to use
  • There are lots of routes to choose from
  • The graphics are good
  • The varying traffic and weather conditions provide new challenges


  • There is no route editor
  • Not much action
  • Can get rather repetitive
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